Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Gift

Shortly after Jonah died Jordan and I realized that we didn't have a family picture.  In Jonah's short life I took tons of pictures.  I have hundreds of pictures of Jonah by himself, almost as many pictures of Jordan and Jonah together, and quite a few of Jonah with me. But we only have a handful of pictures of the three of us.  The few we have are blurry, or one of us is not facing the camera.  The majority are of us exhausted and unkempt shortly after Jonah was born.  Despite their imperfections these pictures are precious to me.  Even though I have these informal pictures of my family, it broke my heart that we didn't have a beautiful photo to remember our time together.

This Christmas we received the most amazing gift from Jordan's brother Quinn and his family.  They gave us two framed pictures.  The first was a photo of Jordan holding Jonah.  It is so sweet.  The second is an amazing picture of my sweet family taken at Jonah's baby blessing.  When I saw it my heart was overwhelmed with gratitude.  I just wept and stared at the beautiful moment Quinn captured for us over a year ago.  I am so grateful. 

I received so many thoughtful, and beautiful gifts this Christmas.  But this picture, this physical reminder that we were once and will always be a family, is the best Christmas gift I have ever received.