Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thank You!

I am not feeling eloquent today.  I have sacrificed my brain and my writing to the worship of summer in all its light and glory.  I have been spending my energy in my garden and in the mountains and I have found a new kind of healing there.  I'm sure that when the cold and dark of autumn come I will return to my computer and this blog more often. 

Even though I don't feel like writing I want to say thank you.  Thank you for making Jonah's birthday so beautiful for me.  I was amazed by the unexpected response I got to my request for simple acts of kindness.  Thank you for sharing my request with others.  Thank you for doing small acts of service, and thank you for telling me about it.  I felt my dread turn to anxious anticipation as Jonah's birthday approached.  I felt so excited to hear about your adventures in kindness.  As I sat on the fence about whether to mourn or celebrate, your messages pulled me towards celebration.  I am so grateful.

As a family we began our day early with a race through lavender fields.  Then we gathered together in the evening to eat lots of comfort food and cake.  We even blew out candles and sang "happy birthday."  Our focus was not on what we lost, but on how blessed we all felt to have Jonah in our family.

My day was filled with lovely messages coming arriving via the mail, facebook, my phone, and at my front door.  I shared them with Jordan and cried as I read them aloud.  Here are some of the simple and beautiful things people did.

I just sat with Maggie and watched her favorite movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks, for the 500th time, because I know that you would have done the same thing with Jonah.

I tried to be patient when someone cut me off in the parking lot and it made such a difference

We took the time to help a couple visiting Beijing at the airport to catch the train between terminals...remembering how overwhelmed we were when we arrived here. Big and small, love is what it is all about.
In special memory of Jonah, my kids and I gathered a bunch of children's books and donated them to The House of Hope where mothers come with their children when they are trying to overcome addictions

We took some cookies to some neighbors we had not met yet.

Watched my sister's kids for a couple of hours so she could help her in-laws move into their new house 

Wrote a thank you letter to the person living at a house that I pass often that has a beautiful yard I really enjoy seeing. 

Thought of you today and bought my Mom chocolate! 

We donated to, a nonprofit that took beautiful pictures of my friends' baby who lived 58 hours. 

I was hand-washing my lunch dishes and started to grumble about the many other dirty dishes in the sink that didn't belong to me (the joys of living with young college roommates), and then I remembered, good deeds for Jonah today! So I washed everyone's dishes and ended up talking about him to one of the girls 

We were at breakfast at the beach this weekend and gave our extremely overworked waitress a tip that was the same amount as our meal.

I read an ABC book 4 times to Drew then thought of you and read it again.

I have been working over 70 hours a week between my two jobs, (doctor's hours without the pay) and my sacrifice is picking up hours for someone who desperately needed to trade hours,no one would respond to her pleas. 

We made cupcakes and passed them out to our neighbors at the campground.

my brother and sister-in-law are currently enjoying an evening out while their four kids are with me and my husband 

I took two of my friends who are mentally challenged (but living in a group home and employed) to the Springville Museum of Art for the annual Quilt Show.

I clicked on the Donate Life button on your blog and donated some money in Jonah's name.   

I spent the morning with an elderly friend of ours. He is 83 and has no family to speak of. We have become his family.

My friend Katie was on a pioneer handcart trek (totally a Mormon thing) with the youth of her congregation on Jonah's birthday, she told them about Jonah and asked them to do an act of service while they hiked.  They each wrote me a note explaining their service.  My favorite is from a teenage boy named Tucker.  He said,

I carried somebody across the Sweetwater [river], just as I would have done for you.

These are only a few of the messages I received.  I loved that so many people just took time to listen to someone in need, to express love, or to play with their children.  Those are the moments that have the most impact.

It is an amazing feeling to know that my little boy, who only lived on this earth for 14 short months could be the catalyst for such kindness.  It is overwhelming and incredibly healing.  Being his mother and experiencing such loss has taught me how to love more deeply than I thought possible.  Thank you for turning my simple request into such a beautiful ripple of love. 

We miss you Jonah and love you so much!

Master, which is the great commandment in the law?  Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. 
Matthew 22:36-40


  1. I felt such sadness, come Sunday morning, when I realized that I hadn't done some kindness in Jonah's name on Saturday. It was a busy day and that night as I went to bed, I realized I'd forgotten. I did sing at the baptism that morning of a 75-year-old man we have befriended, but I didn't focus that service, or any one particular act of kindness with Jonah in mind. And I am sorry. I meant to. With all my heart, I meant to. I even shared your blog request on my facebook page. It saddens me when I get so caught up in daily goings on that I don't always remember the little, the important, things. But thank you for asking. Even in my failing, your request made a difference for me.

  2. I'm so glad it was a peaceful day surrounded by those you love and who love your sweet boy. We have been out of town, and I did think of you and your little Jonah when I took a turn driving on the long road trip. What a positive impact his life has had on so many. I feel the same about our little Afton.

    PS. I feel the same about wanting to enjoy Summer and be online less.

  3. I have a friend who is days away from delivering her first child and she's miserable, so I hand dipped some beautiful strawberries in chocolate and took them to her to help encourage her.

    1. What a lovely gift Teresa! Thanks for sharing with me.

  4. I've been registered as a marrow donor for years, waiting for a call. It may never come, but that's okay! I'm still willing! I'm registered as an organ donor on my driver's license. Someday that donation will come true, if my organs are still useful! I'll donate blood soon, it's been awhile since I've taken this selfless step, but now I can and I will do it in memory of Jonah!

    1. Thanks for sharing this selfless gift. It truly is a gift to register as an organ donor, and a marrow donor takes it to the next level. Your gift will be the answer to a family's prayers.

  5. This is so touching to me. I lost my Angel Ava baby at 3 months, and we also commemorate her birthday with acts of service. It feels like all I can do is try to give back as we celebrate all she brought into our lives. The gratitude for her turns us to love and help others. We make little cards with a bird on them (Ava means bird)with the words "You are Loved" and leave them with those we serve. Thanks for sharing this, and God bless!